Late Spring Start-Up

FusionFarm is back! I have been a very busy beaver since the end of January with all the biz of growing, growing, growing, so the marketing and self-promotion part always lag far behind.

BUT…here I am again.

I have done a couple of Tuesdays at the Ashland Grower’s Market, and it has been pretty good, just chatting up the folks, getting the name and the face out there and all the connects connected again. Making a little cash while I’m at it…

The plan for this season (in this moment) is to just do the Ashland retail market–perhaps an occasional Medford showing, but I’m trying to shift my focus a bit more to a direct wholesale vibe with local restaurants and stores. I’ve been talking with a few Ashland restaurant owners, and there is interest in the edible flowers, for sure. So, that’s all rolling over at the Phoenix site. I’ve got 30 varieties of daylilies in the ground as of last week.

Looks like I’ve landed in a permanent location at market, which helps tremendously. I’m no longer he grower’s market nomad–so, I’ve got the plush spot up the hill, between Sunstone Bakery (awesome bread, scones, pretzels…) and Rogue Valley Brambles (eggs, awesome olive oil, meat shares…).

For those of you who don’t know, I have a beautiful new half acre growing site at Eagle Mill Farm (aka: Geppetto’s Farm) in Ashland. All the following photos were taken in the Rogue Valley Farm to School (RVF2S) greenhouse, which has been FULL of my gorgeous greens for about a month. Snow peas are starting to deal…

Sooooo… I will look for you at the Ashland Rogue Valley Growers and Crafters Market (RVGCM), corner of Wightman and East Main on Tuesdays, from 8:30-1:30. Check us out.

You can always call or email with special orders., 541.973.5449

Here is a progression of before and after photos, just to give you an idea of what I’ve been up to…

Empty canvas

Building beds, seedlings going


Baby Gai Choi

All beds in


Beka Santoh Cabbage, Mibuna, Misome, and Red Streak Mustard

Buttercrunch and Red Romaine Lettuce

Climbing Snow Peas

Red Streak Mustard and Misome


Purple Pak Choi

Mibuna Love





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1 Response to Late Spring Start-Up

  1. Marcus Scott says:

    Love the time-lapse of the hoop house starts. Way cool! Stoked for you and your permanent spot. See ya at the market. Peace, Marcus

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