Late summer heat!

This is a nice example of the kinds of edible flower mandalas I display in my booth. The edible flower mix has been varied and gorgeous throughout the spring and summer. My sunflowers are ending, but the borage and peas are coming back, so things will shift again for fall. I have big plans for next season’s flowers, a vastly expanded variety, and larger quantities as I attempt to sell them to the restaurants next season.

Thanks to a week or two of nice warm days, the tomatoes are finally going off. My personal favorites are the Black Plums.

Here’s a shot of FusionFarm Talent–it’s a jungle out there in tomatolandia. Not sure why I get the same amnesia every year about how tomato plants grow and how big tomato plants grow, but…notes to self: space them further apart, and climb them on fencing!!! I’ve got a chocolate cherry plant that is so dense I really can’t get inside without breaking branches…

Last Tuesday was the first day I had hot peppers in my booth–I had Serranos and Bulgarian Carrots, and I sold out of them.

The jalapenos are going crazy right now! I wish I could remember how to find the tilde (the squiggly line that goes over the n’s in Spanish that you want to sound like “nyuh”) on a PC. That’s the kind of stuff that creates a great disturbance in The Force and drives me insane… I’m weird like that. Well, not ONLY like that, but it’s ok. Insane is in the eye of the beholder.

The the greens are just starting to happen beautifully again. They have struggled, even under 60% shade cloth, but our cooler nights are helping them get back to doing their thing.

The Rogue Valley Local Foods online sales have been up and down, but are currently up again! If you haven’t looked at what they’re up to yet, here’s the link again–it’s our year-round online grower’s market, something to consider for fall and winter.

Here are more photos from FusionFarm’s RVGCM booth, including one at the end of the day–not much left!

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1 Response to Late summer heat!

  1. Nana says:

    Shanana – you rock! YOU are a flower.
    te amo

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