FusionFarm with Rogue Valley Local Foods

Good morning!

If you don’t get it already, check out the Rogue Valley Local Foods newsletter, where FusionFarm is featured this month.


Rogue Valley Local Foods is a year-round farmers’ market. Farmers post their seasonally available produce, meats, dairy, eggs and specialty products (like edible flowers!) each week and you can shop online Friday through Tuesday. We deliver the products to centrally-located pick-up sites on Thursday, or home delivery is available.

So far, I’ve got the edible flowers for sale on their online market, with more to come.

Down on the farm(s)…

Green beans are going off right now, and they are incredibly crunchy and sweet. They are an Alicante variety, which I’d never tried before, and they are divine. Show up early on Tuesday to get some, or email me and I’ll get you whatever I’ve got on hand.


Cukes are coming on like crazy, I’ll have Marketmores next week, and Armenians are on the way.

I’ve added some Dianthus (pinks) and Pansies to the flower mix, as well as Sunflower–the Day Lilies are just about done (boo hoo!), so things are shifting there.

The Thai basil mix (Standard Thai Basil and Thai Red) is lovely, aromatic and yummy. The Thai Red tastes a little spicy, with a hint of licorice and flowers–very complex, awesome flavor.

We have loads and loads of green tomatoes, so… a couple more weeks on those babies.  

Get ready to make and freeze your salsa verde, because there are PILES of tomatillos on the way too.

Chiles are coming –there’s a Bulgarian Carrot variety that is new to me this year, apparently they are medium heat and they are looking lovely, just waiting for them to turn orange!

I just planted several flats of gai choi, and purple and yellow pak choi for the greens mix. Red Romaine and baby choi goes in today.

Greens in the summer are supremely labor-intensive–flats need to be seeded continuously, so planting is pretty much constant too. The Asian stuff blows out fast in the heat, so it’s been a really intense education trying to stay on top of the greens. They are so worth it, though, that mix is absolutely gorgeous, delicious, nutritious (the word “mighty” has been used to describe them), and I’m getting excellent feedback from customers.

I can’t believe that a month has passed since my last post… Asi es.

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  1. Marcus Scott says:

    This is an exciting new post. You sound on your game. I am inspired by your movements as a fledgling new business. I love to read your writing. You rock!

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