FusionFarm @ Market Tomorrow (6/7)

Hey there,

I will be out at the Rogue Valley Growers and Crafters Market at the Ashland Armory. I’m catching up, and have lots more greens! Coming soon, business cards and A BANNER! Oh Dolly, I’m hot today… I am on a roll, people. Here’s what’s on for Tuesday Market:

Asian Green Salad Mix 

A variety of  Asian Greens, mixed with Red Romaine, Amish Speckled, and Buttercrunch Lettuce. Quarter or half pound bags.


A beautiful mix of yellow and orange calendula, arugula, white and blue bee borage, mustard, rose, violet, and snow pea flowers.

See you out there!

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1 Response to FusionFarm @ Market Tomorrow (6/7)

  1. tenz14 says:

    Good news on the progress of your venture! I wanted to mention that the starts I got from you (asian salad mix) are doing well in hanging baskets. I was trying to come up with a way that the little crawlers couldn’t get to em. I put three in hanging baskets and they are thriving. I guess the buggers that like this kind of green don’t like to climb high to get stuff. We have solid good weather ahead for the next couple weeks. Let’s get these greens growing! I’m giving mine some worm soup today. Happy Growing. See you soon.

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